The pandemic accelerated the growth of e-commerce to Mach-10 speeds. When we are finally rising from the year like no one else, we find ourselves in a new world where e-commerce dominates the highest.

Congratulations to all of you on Amazon stock!

But what does all this mean for us digital marketers? Can we loosen our seat belts a little now as we return to the new normal?

The short answer is, no. The pace of e-commerce has had an impact on the entire industry, particularly Amazon, which has expanded its advertising offerings to keep up with its growth.

Brands now need to move even faster to keep up with all the dynamic changes while equipping themselves with increasingly sophisticated Amazon strategy.

My performance marketing function, Tinuiti, dived deeply into the most impressive trends Amazon advertising in 2021, in four non-negotiable ways, we discovered when you were building your brand on Amazon in 2021 and beyond.

TL; DR Four Amazon brand constructive non-negotiable

  • Sound: Building your brand on Amazon offers options like never before – leverage creative options as a strategic differentiator, both organic and paid.
  • Advertising is a table of stakes: Growing your brand through advertising is the key to accelerating sales and organic ranking (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Amazon DSP – all drive brand growth).
  • Combine non-Amazon and Amazon consumer behavior: Use new tools to measure the performance of non-Amazon traffic, such as Amazon Attribution.
  • Operational excellence: To stay here; don’t forget daily and long-term business strategies that can lead to both cost savings and increased margins.


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Welcome to the new normal

It has been reported that the pandemic accelerated the transition e-commerce in five years. Meanwhile e-commerce growth it is projected to slow in 2021, it is still moving fast and is now sitting on a much larger platform.

And as a whole, the market share of e-commerce is much higher as the brick-and-mortar store shrinks.

Simply put, the world has embraced online shopping like never before and continues to do so. In all of this, of course, there hasn’t been a bigger winner than Amazon, whose profits soared 220% compared to the same period last year.

Optimization for Amazon

Advertisers who still think of the Amazon as a purely direct response channel live in the past. Branding on Amazon is crucial to build brand capital and build trust with Amazon customers.

Even before the pandemic, Amazon built an environment where brands can create more catchy connections with consumers.


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The good news is that there are more tools than ever before to tell a brand story and build a unique brand on Amazon.

It will continue to create and update opportunities across the platform with content such as Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Brands Custom Image, Brand Stories (A + Content), Amazon Stores, Amazon Posts and Amazon OTT.

Amazon has moved so fast to promote these offers that many retailers are struggling to stay involved. Many brands do not have the internal capacity to stay on top of these new tools to test, learn and go.

If you find yourself in a boat, go out looking for a partner who knows what they’re doing (fast!).

Optimization off Amazon

Until now, it has been challenging for brands to figure out the efficiency of non-Amazon traffic sources and how their shopping trips take them to Amazon. New tools (finally) exist to measure the efficiency of non-Amazon traffic for the first time.

With Amazon Attribution, brands can now determine the impact of display, search, social media, video channels and email based on how consumers find, explore and buy their products on Amazon.

How many times does someone google tell you and then buy it in English simply in English?

This information tells you about your ecommerce site investment and can help brands increase traffic to your site using a mixed revenue equation that increases the amount of revenue supported by both direct purchases and ecommerce sites implemented on Amazon.

Video, video and more videos

Video streaming and OTT ads will continue to rise meteorically in 2021. Streaming videos now account for 80% of all Internet traffic.

And Amazon has gotten into the game and launched Amazon OTT video advertising in 2019.

Amazon OTT has quickly gained attention for its unique ability to use Amazon’s first-party data to support both brand performance initiatives and broader goal goals. Amazon OTT is more than just a brand or performance, a complete performance channel that provides scale, measurability, and data-driven targeting.


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Once again, brands should be equipped with a market launch strategy or OTT both inside and outside Amazon.

Amazon features

Some brands are often more eager to throw money at Amazon’s advertising options than to actually dig into the overall effectiveness of their day-to-day business practices and platform operations.

It includes everything from contract terms, inventory allocation, case management, demand forecasting, competitive intelligence, chargebacks, purchase order management, inventory management, void analysis and profitability maximization.

Amazon-leveled brands are likely to find huge profits in these areas.

This type of end-to-end channel management is not a place where many marketers thrive, but it has to be.

Again, if this is not in your cab, look for a company partner that can help guide you.

Outside the Amazon: The biggest advertising trends in 2021

While Amazon was one of the biggest winners in the pandemic online store, it became painfully clear to many brands that future success requires an agile approach not only on Amazon but also on other channels.


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In all efforts, putting all the eggs in one basket is not a good look, and the same is true when used with Amazon.

Backup, product sourcing and other sales channels are key to combating unexpected changes in the market in the future.

In other words, an agile Amazon strategy means optimizing your presence both inside and outside of Amazon.

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