The NEO price has recovered from its drop below $ 40 and appears to have progressed further. NEO is one of the biggest survivors of the last increase in encryption speed in 2017. NEO is a smart contract platform in China.

It is this Asian origin that makes us think it is particularly attractive. It may seem intuitive to you given the presumed aversion of all encryption by Chinese regulators, but it is based on a general misunderstanding of the situation.

China’s regulatory concerns about the Wild West of encryption in some corners, such as the ICOs of the past or today’s “unproductive” mining industry, should not be confused with the government’s love of the entire blockchain.

NEO – China’s Ethereum is worth seeing

The Chinese government has identified the blockchain as one of the key technologies of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and President XI spoke about exploiting the potential of technology in all areas of industry and commerce.

NEO as one of the country’s leading blockchain projects, there is a good chance of being selected as a blockchain for several projects in the country. As such, it is often referred to as “Chinese”. Ethereum“.

China’s schizoid approach to encryption explains why, on the one hand, it can repeat the ban on encryption in payments, but on the other hand, Vice President Li Bo of China can say in April that encryption assets such as Bitcoin can be used as investment vehicles and even alternative investments.

NEO strong in regulatory compliance and business

We can add to this, that is, as planned, NEO places a strong emphasis on compliance and targets its technology for business use. We believe that these are both smart movements, especially in the Chinese environment, but also more broadly.

Following these comments, the NEO price set off on a rocket journey. It has returned to earth since a repression news stream by Elon Musk and China caused a deep correction in the foamy cryptographic market.

In January 2018, its all-time high of $ 198 (ATH) today was $ 62, 8% higher today, but has fallen slightly backwards. In May, the price managed to touch $ 140.

The chances of getting back all the time are good and are in stark contrast to the numerous other ATH values ​​recorded by the top 30 krypton, which means that the coin has an excellent risk-return profile at current price levels.

In order for NEO to return its ATH, it will have to rise by $ 138, which would mean a 223% profit on the current price (see the 1-month chart above).

In the meantime, our targets for the near future are looking at $ 100.

We value NEO as a strong buy at these prices.

Where to buy NEO

You can buy NEO from all the good cryptocurrencies and several leading investment platforms.

eToro – Check out this fast-growing, easy-to-use platform

The top global investment platform eToro, with more than 15 million users worldwide, is a great place for beginners and experts to buy NEO. The site does not charge for transactions, but you must pay the difference between the purchase and sale price.

The platform has excellent training and competitive advantage, is a leader in social trade. Social trading is a system to which you can copy other traders on the platform. eToro has also created a CopyPortfolio, some of which target cryptographic sets, and you can invest in these funds, which are similar to index funds built around certain investment topics.

Kraken – a solid choice

Kraken is an American exchange that has been in use for some time. It was the first stock exchange in the United States to receive a bank book and should be considered one of the top-level cryptographic exchanges. Kraken supports 56 cryptographic markets. Fees range from 0 percent to 0.26 percent per trade.

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