In July, we shared that we are looking for a product manager to help us move the buffer forward in the next step. After talking to an incredible group of talented people on the product, I’m happy to share it Maria Thomas has joined us as a new product manager.

We are now a A 10-year-old company, and over the past year, I have pondered a lot about the purpose of the company and how we can set ourselves to reach our potential and make the most impact. The purpose of the buffer is to provide the necessary tools to help small businesses get out of the field and grow.

Maria brings with her extensive experience working in SaaS and working with small businesses. His most recent roles have been as Product Manager Bitly for the last two years and Insightfully for the previous three and a half years. These are both SaaS companies that served small businesses and survived the ups and downs involved in the entire segment, including a large free user base. Maria also spent seven years building SME products at Intuit.

The opportunity to take on a leader is rare, especially in a company like Buffer, where we have very loyal and long-term people and strive to create a decades-long sustainable company. However, we can learn a lot from someone who has experience of where we are trying to go, and with Mary we have found a great combination of significant experience and expertise from which we can learn and enthusiasm for the unique company we are. In particular, Maria and I interacted and discussed the freedom and creativity that can result from the unrestrictedness of venture capital funds and how it can help us focus more purely on the client and ultimately increase long-term success.

In Mary’s own words:

I am inspired and humble to join the bumper. You have quite a follower in the product management community. Several of my peers revealed that they had had a long butt in the bumper when they learned that I joined you as a CPO. I am excited to join a product-driven company focused on helping SMEs, profitable, transparent, sustainable SaaS business and the majority women’s management team.

We are fortunate to benefit from all of Maria’s extensive product experience and for many years as a leader in companies of similar size. Maria joined us at the end of last year and has already had a significant impact that has helped us shape our goals and strategy for 2021. I am confident that in the coming months, clients will begin to see positive and concrete results from her contribution.


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