With a Magento 2 subscription, customers can upload file files to their subscriptions.

Custom product attachments are best used in real time, such as downloading attachments to medicines, orders for weapons or heavy machinery that require a license, or other types of medicines, etc.

The Magento 2 Order Attachments plugin can be used for a variety of purposes. The administrator can specify whether to download files to the product.

After placing an order, the customer can download the file from the order page. Supports the format selected by the administrator – PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.


  • The customer can download attachments when ordering or after ordering.
  • The client can see the status of the downloaded attachment file.
  • The administrator can view the downloaded attachment.
  • The administrator can specify the attachment number and size.
  • Your administrator can select supported plug-in extensions.
  • The client can download new attachments if the administrator rejects the older ones.
  • The administrator can accept or reject the downloaded attachment.
  • The administrator can even delete the attachment.
  • The customer can download new order attachments if the seller rejects the old order attachment
  • The seller can see the downloaded attachments
  • the seller may accept or reject the attachment to the shipped order


Customers receive a ZIP folder and they need to extract the contents of this zip folder to their system. The extracted folder has src folder, inside the src folder you have application folder.

You have to move this application folder to the server’s Magento2 root directory.

Then execute the next command via the terminal

: – First command – php bin / Magento setting: update
: – Second command – php bin / magento setup: di: compile
: – Third command – php bin / Magento setting: static content: enable

Finally, flush the cache and re-index everything.

Language translation

If you need multilingual support, go to Save> Preferences> General> Language settings. And choose the language you want Language area option.

Module configuration

After successfully installing the Magento 2 subscription attachment, the administrator can configure this module in Store> Configuration> Webkul> Order Attachments as shown below.

In use -Here the administrator can choose “Yeah” module or “No” disable the module.

Maximum file size – The administrator can set the attachment size (MB) (file size greater than 0 and less than 10 MB).

Maximum file upload limit – The administrator can select the maximum file download limit manual, or Automatic. Once selected manual, the administrator can set the maximum number of attachments that can be downloaded to the client (maximum of 30 and at least 1 can be downloaded)

Once selected Automatic, customers can download files according to the products in their shopping cart that require order attachments.

Supported extensionThe administrator can select file extensions / file formats (PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC, DOCX) only those file formats that the customer can add / attach with orders

Attachment Notifications to Administrator – The administrator can choose Yeah if your administrator wants to be notified when a customer attaches others to a file subscription, click No.

Email Setup – The administrator can choose customer email template and administrator email template according to their needs.

Enable product mounting

When you add a new product or edit a product, your administrator can set the answer to Yes or No “Attachment required” as shown below the field.

If necessary, the administrator can select the “Yes” field as otherwise “No” as shown below.

End of administrator

Once a customer has placed an order, the administrator can browse it Sales> Orders> View view the subscription file files as shown below.

The administrator can then view the attachmentsOrder attachments”Tab as shown below. Here the administrator can update the expiration date / set them together with the view comments also according to the given images.

Attachment status

After adding an attachment, the administrator has three attachment states (accept, reject, and delete). The administrator can select the attachment and change the attachment status as shown below.

Accept – If the administrator approves the attachment, customers will be notified by email

Reject – If the administrator does not accept the attachment. they can reject it

Remove – If the administrator wants to delete the attachment.

Pending order attachments –

By navigating to Pending order attachments from Order attachments in the control panel menu, the administrator can view all pending attachments for pending subscriptions as shown below –

End of customer

If the administrator setsRequired attachments ” like ‘Yeah“in the background so the customer can see Attachment required to the shopping cart of that product, which required attachment as shown below

The client must click the select attachment icon and select the file according to the given parameter. An attachment to the logout page can also be added according to the given image

If the customer chooses ” Yes, let’s add now“The customer needs to add an attachment before placing an order.

The customer has to clickplus”Sign to add attachments and place your order as usual, as shown in the image below.

If the customer chooses ” No, to be added later“The customer can add attachments after the order is placed

For ordering, customers can also add attachments toMy order”-Part as shown below.

Out of stock seller

From the end of the seller, when the seller selects the product and adds to the cart, you can also add an attachment as shown. bellow. By clicking on the attachment icon “Plus” the seller can download the attachment

Then click on the order, on the future page of the Checkout the seller can delete the last added attachment and add a new one. The seller can choose anyYes, let’s add now“And”No, to be added later

In the Orders section, the seller can see the orders placed and check the order attachments

By clicking on an attachment comment, the seller can add a comment as shown below

That’s all Subscribe to Magento 2 attachments connect. Still you have problems, add a ticket and let us know your views at


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