iRobot Education expands free coding platform with socio-emotional learning, multilingual support

iRobot Corp. introduced new coding resources iRobot training which promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support socio-emotional development. iRobot also updated it iRobot coding application with the introduction of Python coding support and a new 3D Root coding robot simulator environment ideal for hybrid and distance learning.

The updates are consistent with the annual ones National Robotics Week, a time when children, parents and teachers across the country are using the excitement of robotics to learn STEM.

Supporting social and emotional learning
Last year’s events changed the traditional learning environment where students, families and teachers adapted to hybrid and distance classrooms. Discussions about the critical importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion have also grown with importance in the classroom. To remedy this, iRobot Education has introduced Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons Learning library which bind SEL expertise, such as peer interaction and responsible decision-making, to coding and the STEM curriculum. These SEL lessons, like Kind Kind Playground, See the whole picture and Navigating conversations, provides teachers with new resources to help students build emotional intelligence and become responsible citizens of the world through the STEM lens.

IRobot Coding language translations
More students can now enjoy free iRobot coding application introducing support for Spanish, French, German, Czech and Japanese. iRobot mobile and network coding application offers three progressively challenging levels of coding language that take users from graphical coding to hybrid coding followed by full – text coding. Globally, users can now translate graphical and hybrid block coding levels into the language of their choice, helping both beginners and experts hone their language and computational thinking skills.

Introducing Python coding language support
One of the most popular coding languages, Python, is now available to iRobot Coding App users for Level 3 full-text coding. This new functionality offers the opportunity to gain a more complex coding experience in the coding language currently used in both academic and professional practice worldwide, preparing the next generation of students for STEM curricula and careers.

New root coding robot 3D simulator
Are you ready to encode in 3D? The IRobot coding app is uniquely designed to help children learn coding at home and at school. The app features a free virtual root coding robot. iRobot updated the virtual Root SimBot with a fun and interactive 3D experience that allows students to control their programmable Root® code robot directly on the screen.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had and continues to have a tangible impact on students who have learned in remote environments, which is why we found solutions to nurture and enhance SEL skills in students,” said President Colin Angle. CEO of IRobot. “The expansion of these new, all-inclusive iRobot Education resources will hopefully facilitate greater inclusion and accessibility for those who want to grow their coding experience and pursue a STEM career.”

In honor of National Robotics Week iRobot training also publishes weekly coding challenges that focus on learning how to use code in communications. Every challenge can be completed online iRobot coding application With SimBot root or in person with Root coding robot. The weekly challenges build on each other and include guided questions that facilitate discussion about the coding process, invite reflection, and celebrate new learning.

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