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Over the past six months, Instagram has cracked down on spam accounts, bots, and genuine followers in a big way. After finding almost 150 million fake profiles, Instagram has made their business veterinary with each account authenticity.

They are serious about limiting automatic functions and reducing fake profiles on the platform. Through proactive action, Instagram strives to create a platform where only quality content and genuine engagement thrive.

But how?

Instagram closely monitors all in-app activities from your comments to your direct posts. Based on their findings, they will give you confidence points or health points that only they know.

Through ever-changing algorithms and rigorous data collection, Instagram scans profiles to find those who take advantage of automation, have fake followers, or engage in junk content.


If your activity falls within the square bracket of the Instagram suspicious class, your confidence point will decrease. Your account can then be temporarily blocked, permanently disabled, or overshadowed (with limited visibility in the Explorer and Follower feeds). Or you may find that some features are suddenly not available.

If you feel safe from the wrath of Instagram because you don’t use automation, bots, or pods, you’re surprisingly surprised. Unfortunately, Instagram’s algorithms can sometimes punish genuine users without knowing it.

Shocking, right?

I know.

Innocent behavior, such as posting the same emoji to multiple comments, can take you to Instagram’s blacklist. To ensure security, you need to know which features can damage and improve your confidence points. This is exactly what I am dealing with in this post.

Keep reading.

An activity that can damage your Instagram trust points

Before I discuss the activities you should avoid on Instagram, let me tell you a little about the benefits of a high confidence point.

It seems that verified accounts or high credit scores can get rid of many activities that are not acceptable for other accounts. Includes a link in the BIOS and excessive posting is usually resented by Instagram, but not if your trust values ​​are very high.

This does not mean that you should blindly copy strategies used by successful Instagramers. What works for them may not work as well for you. A more failed strategy is to get acquainted with things that Instagram doesn’t accept and avoid them at all costs.

Like what?

1. Having fake followers

If you’re tempted to buy fake followers or bots to increase your followers, be prepared to block Instagram. After many influencers were found to use such black hat tactics to attract potential customers, Instagram has tightened the loop around fraudulent “public users”.

You may not be aware of this, but the forum will first show your message to only 10 percent of your followers. Instagram bots closely monitor how Followers react to these messages. If most of your followers don’t interact with your content, Instagram will assume they are fake.

In addition to this, Instagram has come up with artificial intelligence-based fakes that you can’t manipulate. If you get on their radar, your confidence point can be hit.

2. Pampering with spam functions

In an effort to combat automation, Instagram has begun to punish users for inhumane activities.


  • Likes and comments too
  • Sending too many tracking requests or removing tracking from too many people in one session
  • Mark random people in posts that have nothing to do with them
  • Use of irrelevant and repetitive hashtags
  • Bombing non-followers with personal messages

If you show this kind of bot-like behavior, your Instagram Trust Score may be sleeping.

3. Participation in engagement salaries

Engagement bars are an arrangement where participants choose to comment on each other’s messages to each other to improve their level of engagement.

In theory, there is nothing wrong with this strategy, except that Instagram sees predictable patterns and repetitive actions as a “robot”. So, if you are part of such a commitment, it can negatively affect your confidence points.

How to improve your Instagram trust points

It seems like everything you do on Instagram can make you black, but the forum works in mysterious ways. Fortunately, you can do many things to keep your confidence points healthy. Let’s look at them.

1. Adjust your Instagram broadcast frequency

The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to protect their Instagram trust value is to avoid posting too much on the platform. Limit messages to a maximum of two per day. If you post too much, Instagram will assume you are using auto-posting and you may penalize you for it.

2. Streamline your daily activities

Did you know that Instagram sets daily and hourly limits for each account based on the number of followers, account age, and degree of engagement? No. If you suddenly follow or stop tracking your accounts en masse, Instagram will consider you suspicious.

If you regularly reach or exceed operating limits, you may be notified. Ignore the warning signs and you may even get clogged.

3. Increase the number of your followers organically

If you’re big in Instagram marketing or you’re an influencer who relies on word of mouth marketing, you need to have a large follower community to do the job.

However, earning followers on social media is not easy. The competition is fierce and the users are changing. But that doesn’t mean you should buy fake followers or bots. Use these instead tactics to attract followers:

  • Resubmit a quality that matches your values ​​or niche. By tagging the original posters, you can draw the attention of their followers, who may be tempted to participate in the content and eventually follow you.
  • Post unique and engaging content all the time. While this strategy takes time to produce results, it is the most organic way to grow your account.
  • Switch to a business account to access audience analytics. Get insights from your audiences, such as their content settings and active times. Then try to create or curate content that will entice them and post when they are most active.

Instagram professionals swear by tricks like “like-for-like” and “follow-for-follow” (reminiscent of commitment bars), but I don’t recommend them because they often lead to temporary bans.

4. Comment naturally

Do not repeat the same comment for multiple posts, especially by the same user. As explained earlier, comments with the same emoji reactions can attract Instagram penalties. It’s a good idea to write insightful comments and answers to keep Instagram bots and Followers happy.

5. Use tags and hashtags wisely

If you are posting group photos, please tag people who are in them or who are trademarks only. Instagram encourages tagging random people to get their attention.

Also, do not use the same hashtags in all your posts. Use variations, preferably those with moderate competition but good engagement rates. You can use the hashtag generation tools I mentioned earlier for hashtag analytics. Your hashtags should be contextual or locally relevant to your content.

6. Don’t spam

Sending multiple direct messages to the same user, especially if he or she is not following you, looks very suspicious. Instagram assumes that you are sending business-related marketing messages, and this will subtract your score from your trust value.

Don’t message people unless you have a valid reason. Never send a message to non-followers unless they message you first or you have a real reason to approach them first.

7. Clear your watch list

Remove Followers who have nothing to do with your content or publish anything themselves. Actively interact with them in their messages to encourage them to return to service. In this way, Instagram understands that they are truly genuine followers.

It’s also good to follow your Facebook friends and encourage them to follow you. Because bots cannot emulate this behavior, you can earn a trustee voice from Instagram this way.

Ready to grow your Instagram account?

Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media platforms, is a target for most content producers, marketers and brands. To take advantage of the broad reach and penetration of the platform, you need to maintain a healthy Credit Score by following the tips I have shared above. That is a necessary condition grow your Instagram account.

Do you have questions about Instagram or any other social platform? Let me know in the comments. I’ll get back to answers soon.


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