A new digital workplace requires a new kind of learning. Join the Expert Webinar on April 28 at 9:00 a.m. PT to learn how companies are reinventing education with HPE Education Services solutions.

One of the many ways in which COVID-19 has reshaped our working lives is to get companies to look for new training methods to empower employees, improve their performance and help them keep their skills up to date in a developing country. digital workplace. The upcoming HPE World Watch webinar, to be held on April 28 at 9 p.m. PT, will explore some of the ways companies do it. We explain how HPE can help you build a culture of continuous learning anywhere, anytime, as a service through learning and virtual instructor-led training. You can register today: Re-invented the way you learn: the future of on-the-job training

To give a quick preview of the webinar, I spoke with John Cummings, editor of the Cloud Experience Everywhere blog. Here is an excerpt from our discussion:

John Cummings: Did the pandemic hit the brakes on training programs? Or did it emphasize their value?

Drew Westra: It wasn’t that much of a slowdown, but rather a quick adjustment while keeping in mind the value of these programs and expanding that value where possible. It’s true that when the epidemic hit for the first time, there was some kind of panic thinking; cost-saving measures were in everyone’s minds, and training became the subject of research. But the companies quickly decided that what they needed was not Less education, but different friendly education. The vast majority of technical training companies that did pre-pandemic were face-to-face, and they needed another way to do it.

John: So what did they move on to?

Drew: Many companies realized they were building anywhere job the environment also meant building anywhere learning in the neighborhood of. So we saw a big turn towards subscription offers like HPE digital learner, our subscription-based online program. Other companies chose virtual instructor-led training gives learners the full experience of live interaction and collaboration with instructors and classmates.

Employees are responding well to change – especially Millennia and Gen Xers are looking for technologically advanced companies. They want self-directed, independent, on-demand learning that will help them improve their careers, guide their compensation, and build both hard and soft skills.

John: What are the hottest areas you currently see for education and training services?

Drew: It’s really new technologies like blockchain and AI. Also cloud technologies. Companies are really looking for certain skills because they know what makes them successful going forward.

Cyber ​​security has always been a hot topic; it is a challenge for companies ranging from business to SMEs. And it expanded with the pandemic as phishing attacks increased. Companies strive to train their employees to detect these things and not fall prey to them. Attacks are constantly evolving, and companies, especially smaller organizations, cannot afford to be hacked or infiltrated. The results are far too damaging.

I hope you can join us for a webinar to hear more from myself and our other presenters – here’s the link again: Re-invented the way you learn: the future of on-the-job training

Learn more hybrid workplace and how HPE can help maximize productivity and organizational resilience in sites, facilities, home offices – and everywhere in between.

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