The time has come – Google has finally released another major core update – this has been named the June 2021 core update. This update began publishing yesterday, June 2, 2021, and it just came six months after the last core update, which was December 2020 core update. Deployment began at approximately 6:30 PM ET on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

So far with this update, when I post this, there are no teeth. It’s still early, and often these updates take effect within a few weeks, but we usually see the effect in 24-48 hours. But about 12 hours after its release, at this point, Google search results have little effect on this update. More on that later what we see section below.

This core update, like others, is global and affects all languages.

Danny Sullivan posted an ad on SearchLiaison Twitter around 1pm ET on June 2:

Not related to unverified updates or other Google updates

I often hear that people saw this update coming because we talked about so many unverified Google algorithm updates in May. But this extensive kernel update isn’t related to any of these unconfirmed updates, at least according to Google.

And no, this is not related page experience update / core web vitals update that is scheduled in the middle of June. While both have the name “core,” Google’s core updates concern quality and page experience update performance. The core updates are far more noticeable than we expect from the page experience update.

Two-part update: June and July core updates

Google announced that it will release a core update in June (now), but plans to release a new core update next month – called July 2021. Why didn’t Google release both at the same time? Google said not all songs are ready for it, so they pushed what is now ready in the June 2021 core update and will do a new job when the last parts are ready for the July 2021 core update.

What is not ready? I asked Google, and Google wouldn’t say. Google said that if your site’s rankings change with the June 2021 core update, you may see a translation or change (or not) with the July 2021 core update – so don’t celebrate or cry if June’s impact on your site .

Here’s what Google said about the two updates:

Current update

Like most core updates, this update takes about two weeks to deploy. Google will let us know when the update is complete, but so far it started on the afternoon of June 2, 2021. It will probably be done in about two weeks.

Deployment began at approximately 6:30 PM ET on June 2:

The previous core update was six months ago on December 3, 2020, called December 2020 core update. Before that, there was a 7-month gap, with May 4, 2020 May 2020 core update. This was preceded by January 13, 2020 January 2020 core update and the preceding was September 24, 2019 September 2019 core update. Oh, before that was June 3, 2019, June 2019 core update and I can go on and on.

Improve after kernel upgrade

Did you get this update hit, Google gave it to us advice on core updates and how to improve your site as a whole after seeing a negative result after a core update. Google reiterated that in this tweet:

Google also sent new blog post how and why Google makes these updates. Google wrote, “Because there are so many updates, it’s not helpful to share information about all of them. However, we try to do so when we think there is practical information that site owners, content providers, or others might consider applying, as with both of the above updates.”

SEO Chatter: What we see

Here are some chains WebmasterWorld, BlackHatWorld and other platforms that mention what some SEOs see at the beginning of this update. Search engine optimizers started noticing the changes around 4pm ET, but Google only confirmed the implementation a few hours later. But many don’t see much by the time I published this story. Most do not see anything. Also, be careful with WebmasterWorld, as it claims that this update was launched two weeks ago, no – they were other unconfirmed updates. This kernel update didn’t start releasing two weeks ago, it only started yesterday – so be careful. Some people say:

The main global site, but stopped with traffic, the UK localized hotel page is bypassing it! WTF ?

It’s no less than a complete insult when # 1 is an Pinterest page that formulates my images and text, ffs!

I saw a big sudden surge in real US and UK traffic today from 9am to 12pm, during which I had two new leads … then back down. I am exactly 28% less in traffic in the US, UK and Australia today … There are no visits to Canada today. Searches total 19%, direct traffic 34%. I hope this is not an update!

It appears that it has not yet inhabited or most of it has not yet spread.

No changes yet.

No significant changes. I think June is a side experience update and July / August is a big bombing.

I don’t see any change in the SERPS that I’ve watched so far …

My rankings are stable now, Did it go through?

No significant changes for me. The Semrush sensor is also stable in my classes.

Maybe something coming? I welcome the changes haha

I understand that it will take up to two weeks to implement, but usually we get to see the effect almost as soon as it was announced.

Almost all day later and nothing yet. Even the people in the black hat forum don’t say anything.

Don’t think it started spreading yet. Let’s see what happens later today.

Glenn Gabe also dug into his data and saw the same thing – not much at stake:

Marie Haynes same shop:

Rob May also:

So far, this update doesn’t seem to have an impact, but it’s very early and maybe during the day we’ll see SEOs pay attention?

Find tracking tools:

Here are the tracking tools that won’t show up this time, and this time we won’t have much movement before announcing this update. All the tools so far show almost zero volatility and ranking fluctuations, just as we see from the SEO community and forums. So here is what we see this morning:


click to get full size


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click to get full size

Advanced online investments:

click to get full size


click to get full size


click to get full size

Cognitive SEO:

click to get full size


click to get full size

We’ll keep an eye on it, but let us know how you went with this update.

Forum discussion Twitter, Google Webmaster Help and WebmasterWorld, Black hat world.


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