Valentin Pletzer found that Google has tested the replacement search feature with a “more information” heading called “people also ask.” I shared his screenshot, which he shared Twitter below. At the same time, I’ve heard reports that Google might show that people also ask the box less often, maybe it’s related to this test or not?

Here’s also the People Ask box that tests the Learn More heading:

click to get full size

Like I said, some people ask me if Google has started spraying fewer people also to ask about boxes around May 4th. Can be?

RankRanger monitored change then:

click to get full size

Although SEMRush shows growth but if you dig up some big sites, individual sites, it shows massive declines:

click to get full size

I’m not sure what changed here if it’s at the end of Google or if the tools are looking for weird changes?

Have you noticed any changes in the people poll box about a month ago?

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