Sphereon – together with partners innovative and Plamo – won the agreement on the basis of a challenge sent by the EU Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

They were awarded a contract to build a solution in the Netherlands Justis Department so that more than 20,000 special surveillance authorities or search engine optimizers (apart from the ordinary police, BOAs are known as peacekeepers) identify themselves in a way that protects privacy and allows the public to easily verify their identities and allow them to perform their duties.

Challenge: Digital identity for special investigating authorities

As a challenge Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security how could an organization use digital identification tools for investigating authorities to protect their privacy and perform their duties more securely, efficiently, and flexibly?

Currently, special investigating authorities only have a physical ID card that they can show to verify their authority, and this is a major problem because physical ID can be encountered, used after the expiration date, and others can simply steal and use them. In addition to this, the physical ID has all the identity information of the officer, which has led to the persecution of criminal officers and other unwanted behavior.

The aim of the winning group was to successfully demonstrate the ability to digitize the identities of special investigating authorities and to make the identity verification process secure, private and easy to use. And that’s what Sphereon, innovative and Plamo architecture overcomes the challenge.

Sphereon, who led the work at a Dutch startup, was one of the first companies to offer easy-to-use solutions to bridge the gap between the current document-driven business processes and the new decentralized world of communities, ecosystems and value chains. They turned around in 2016 and reinvented the company with a new API-based platform built from scratch. Using modern, advanced Blockchain and other emerging technologies, and combining years of experience in IT and data management, they have created a solid business platform and API document processing with the latest technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence where possible using standards and open specifications. to ensure interoperability.

For many years, Sphereon has specialized in business process management and document management – the design, development, engineering and implementation of award-winning software systems are still considered to be industry-leading experts.

Winner and partners at innovativeThe winners of the Ministry of Defense challenge have good connections with the Dutch governments and as consultants. They focus on innovative concepts and technology solutions for digitization, content management and information logistics AND help government and corporate companies process, share and make confidential, complex and large amounts of information logical, structured and future-proof in accordance with legislation and regulations.

The company has a reputation for being particularly strong in conceptual thinking, but also in translation into practice, leading to realistic, cost-effective and functional solutions within or within organizations (chain), keeping up to date with the latest technology and a massive and highly valuable public and private network, which they have built over the years.

They write:

“Together, we study the goal and set the course. What remains is teamwork and innovative thinking to understand what is sometimes hard to imagine thanks to the right experts around us. “

Plamo, Also, the Department of Defense’s challenge partners specialize in enabling customers to set up a public or private, licensed distributed ledger in minutes to create digital identity solutions for your customer using zero-data evidence. Push notifications to iOS or Android devices without the hassle of setting up your own server, customers can send notifications to users via a web interface or RESTful interface, and customers can store data in the cloud via a web interface or RESTful API and access data globally on an iOS or Android device or RESTful API through.

Sphereon has also been nominated for the Computable Awards 2020 (education class) along with Helmond, Matchcare, Senzer and Volution, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Icologiq and Police, Open University, Wizenoze and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Vogellanden and V3R Labs. Computable will announce the winner in the Educational Project category during the show November 24, 2020.

In July 2020. Sphereon collaborated with LTO, goes into the block chain agnostic by using an LTO hybrid block chain designed for easy integration of business applications and designed to break the data silos faced by so many organizations. LTO API ensure data integrity and effective multi-stakeholder cooperation. By the end of summer 2020, Sphereon will have integrated with Ethereum, Factom and Hyperledger, among many others.

LTO network has a reputation as the most cost-effective and fastest available data integrity barrier solution that currently secures 50000 data objects per day. With a 1.2-second microblock time, data integrity is almost immediate, and the cost is significantly lower than its integrity competitors.

Ministry of Justice andd Security is responsible for upholding the rule of law in the Netherlands so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their lifestyle or views.


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