Over the past three years, DeepMind has built a team to address some of the most complex healthcare issues – by developing artificial intelligence research and mobile tools that already have a positive impact on patients and treatment groups. Today, the team is excited to formally join our healthcare partners Google Health family. The leader Dr. David Feinbergand together with other Google teams, we can now leverage global expertise in application development, security, cloud storage, and user design to build products that support care teams and improve patient outcomes.

As a surgeon and researcher at the UK National Health Service (NHS), I saw first-hand how technology can help or prevent the important work of nurses and doctors. It is noteworthy that many front-line physicians, even in the world’s most advanced hospitals, are still dependent on clumsy desktop systems and pagers that make fast and safe patient care challenging. Thousands of people die in hospitals each year from avoidable conditions such as sepsis and acute kidney damage, and we believe better tools can save lives. That’s why I joined DeepMind and will continue this work with Google Health.

We have already seen how mobile medical assistant clinicians help patients and the doctors who care for them, and we look forward to continuing our partnerships in partnership with The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and the TaSton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

On the research side, we have seen significant progress Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust detect eye disease from scans as accurately as the experts; University College London Hospitals with the NHS Foundation Trust design radiotherapy for cancer; and with the U.S. Department of Veterinary Affairs predicts deterioration of the patient up to 48 hours earlier than is currently possible. We see tremendous potential to continue and expand our work with all three partners in the coming years as part of Google Health.

It is clear that a thus takes time. Health information is sensitive, and we provided sufficient time and care to ensure that we had the full consent and cooperation of our partners. This included taking the time to ask them questions and fully understand our plans and choose whether to continue the partnerships. As always, our partners are fully in control of patient records, and we only use patient records to improve care under their supervision and direction.

I know DeepMind is proud of our health work to date. Behind Google’s expertise and reach, we can now develop tools and technologies to help millions of patients around the world.

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