Figma is a great tool for designing interfaces, and one of the best things about it is the huge community behind it, which provides a constant amount of resources such as templates, icons, tools and extensions that make design workflow faster and easier.

Figma has many advantages over Adobe XD or Draft. It is a browser-based user interface design tool that is cross-platform and runs on all browsers and operating systems, providing an ideal environment for real-time collaboration with other designers and team members. In addition to collaboration capabilities and the ability to create interactive prototypes, export code, graphics, and complete layouts with plug-ins, Figma can expand its capabilities even further – such as automating time-consuming tasks.

New Figma resources are downloaded daily Figma community and to save time, we’ve compiled a useful list of the best extensions and tools to speed up your design workflow based on our personal experience.

List of 20 mandatory Figma plugins and tools

Install a Figma extension simply explore the wide range of community resources and click “install” to add the extension to your user account. Don’t forget to log in to our collection Convenient tools and applications for designers regularly where you will find new apps with good ideas to encourage creativity.


Create accurate prototypes within Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figman and export HTML and CSS with a single click.

I framed

A JavaScript framework tool from which you can easily import Figma files and create realistic prototypes with filters, spring physics, and 3D effects.


Create useful charts using real or random data by copying files from editors such as Excel, Numbers, and live Google Sheets. The chart supports JSON (REST API), local CSV, and JSON files.


An animation tool to bring your model to life. Interact in the interface, animate elements, characters, and more.


A great tool for creating your own customizable UX flowcharts, each component is separate so you can customize and rearrange it to your liking.


Transform your Figma design prototype into a genuine native iOS and Android mobile app. No code required.


Create and edit ready-made drawings within your Figma design project.

Lots of files

A library containing thousands of free Lottie animations. Drag and drop dotLottie (.lottie) and Lottie JSON (.json) files, add Lotties as GIF animations, and add animation frames as high-quality SVG files.


Easily combine data files (e.g., Excel files) into Figma’s open projects, allowing data to be automatically imported into a Figma file and prepared as many layers as needed.


Preview of responsive layouts in the Figma frame, it is suitable for Web, Android, iOS / iPadOS and can be used without even opening an extension window.


Easily convert Figma templates to HTML, CSS, React Vue and more.


Find your favorite color code, palette number and use it in your design.


For those tired of manually coding banners, this plugin allows you to export pre-animated banners from Figma to HTML, GIF and Video files.


Design documents and applications such as Spotify, Wikipedia, Intercom, etc., by creating data. Create a table in Coda, combine the design with your table and see how it fills the actual data.


😉 Want to use emoticons in your project? Make a selection from the library, and Figmoji will add the selected emojin svg to your design.


Take your animations to the next level. This tool is built directly into Figma, so you save a lot of time without using separate programs.


Insert 2D patterns directly into Figma as 3D models or other 3D models with a single click.


The most popular screen sizes in one extension directly from Figma. Choose from several screen sizes and use them in frames.


Quickly test models on a variety of devices.


Contains over 100 useful wire framing components such as buttons, text fields, tabs, images, and multiple variations, so design improvement is very quick.


You get access to thousands of realistic product models directly in Figma files, which greatly enhances the presentation of your project.


Use popular auto layout presets / design forms. All selected objects are flexible, saving time when resizing layouts.

Want to know more about Figma? See the latest courses here Awwwards Academy, with other tools to help you advance in your design career, such as Sketch, Movie 4D, WebGL, Animated, User Interface Design, Art Direction and more.


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