The second week in the books, so here’s the second edition of our weekly web design and development articles published over the last seven days. Let’s go straight to that!

Exciting new tools for designers, January 2021 | Web Designer Depot

The new year is often full of resolutions. Make the most of these goals and decide to plan better, faster, and more efficiently with some of these new tools and resources. Here’s what’s new for designers this month. Radix User Interface The Radix User Interface is an open source interface component library for high-quality, easy-to-use design systems and […]

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5 Tips for Working with Design Influencers (or Becoming One!)

Who are you looking for social media for when you need extra inspiration? These are the people you consider to be design influencers. Have you ever considered working with designers, illustrators, and photographers who have a strong social media presence (or become one yourself)? Is …

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AnimXYZ | CSS tricks

There are quite a few CSS animation libraries. They are usually a bunch of category names that you can use as needed, such as “bounce” or “slide right” and

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Life with ESM with CSS tricks

ESM, or ES modules, or JavaScript modules. Such as imports and friends. Browsers support it today. There are many nuances, but as long as

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Examples of good looking landing pages that just work – SpyreStudios

Landing pages are everywhere. For the average person, they are just one content page on the Internet. Website design is all about first impression, look and variations. For marketers, they are the gateway to creating leads and turning cold traffic into real revenue. We focus so much on creation […]

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Top 6 Ecommerce Solutions for 2021 Web Designer Depot

Setting up an online store and starting a sale has never been so easy. In 2021, a dizzying array of e-commerce solutions will be available, and most of them will be versatile and competitively priced. Ecommerce sites are known to be difficult to move from one platform to another, so most of the time you are committed to the solution you choose […]

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Fractal: 101-format presentation

Art elements rooted in mathematics and algorithms may seem like a futuristic idea, but it is a growing and popular concept. Fractal art has been around since the 1980s, but it seems to have a moment more designers looking for this style of backgrounds and main art elements. Another thing …

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