It has been half a year because I saw Google test the Google Page experience and core web tag or icon in search results. Google latest posts is that Google will continue to test it, but made no promises to launch this sticker. Well, John Mueller of Google said one day who hasn’t “seen talk of it in a while, though” on this sticker.

We were warned as a kind it may not officially never published, that is, if tests show it should not.

This is how the label looks, here is a screenshot @suomimeemit:

click to get full size

Google’s John Mueller said Twitter with this icon / label “It was originally meant to be an icon, which is why it was added there; however, I haven’t seen a talk about it in a while. Look in the meantime as a way to follow your” good CWV “page :-).”

That was why Google added page experience report in the Search Console. But maybe now the label will not come to life? I think Google will test it more in the middle of this month or later and decide then?

Here is John’s Tweet:

Personally, I’m not a fan of these tags – seekers really have no idea what that means and can end up confusing them.

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