In this series of experts, we look at the steps involved in building your modern hybrid workplace. Join us for the first session, which is coming up on March 25 at 9:00 a.m. PDT, to learn about leveraging innovation through collaboration.

In all industries, the workplace is changing at a breathtaking pace, whether manufacturing floors or traditional office space. Employee interaction and task performance are evolving rapidly. Technology continues to play a crucial role in providing the right service to your employees, whether it’s communication, collaboration, or unified communications.

By 2021, it is hoped to return to a normal work environment. But in reality, it is a very different hybrid digital workplace in the environment to which most organizations return. It is clear that there will be fewer business trips. People continue to work from home, but at the same time they want the flexibility to return to the office for a few days during the week.

How can companies support new dynamic work? How can they work smarter to build a modern hybrid workplace? What tools and techniques are needed to support employees in today’s environment? These are some of the issues we will address in the new webinar series The future of digital work – an expert series.

Our approach is to divide the journey into a hybrid workplace into eight stages. We start by redefining experiences, and focus on ensuring productivity regardless of location – making work independent of location. In our first expert series session, we will discuss this in detail, including the key points to consider and how to ensure that this is a strategic project across the organization. Alongside my colleague Thomas Strasser, I present this first episode, Leverage innovation through collaboration in the digital workplace, on Thursday, Mar. 25, at 9 a.m. PDT.

Over the next few months, you’ll see us progress along the way as we talk about how to gain insight and control; accelerate development; and modernize and move to the cloud. These areas cover topics from adopting cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365 to automating processes and empowering individuals to make informed decisions.

In addition, we look at three supporting factors that need to be considered from a data perspective. First, how do you drive intelligence and leverage artificial intelligence to improve safety or optimize productivity? Second, how does the operating model need to evolve as you move into the hybrid world? Finally, how to build trust a Cyber ​​security perspective? For example, we focus on identity and access rights management and business continuity.

The good news is that there is a lot of technology out there that supports this journey. The key is to choose the right offer and critically ensure that your wider organization and employees are supported throughout the change. No one really uses software that just shows up on a laptop; to take advantage of it, there must be an empowerment program and cultural change.

At HPE, we can help customers in many ways. It often starts with supporting customers in an advisory or strategic way, ensuring that key stakeholders are part of the change. In this case, progress typically takes place to a defined professional service, the introduction of new technology and the provision of user training. To implement the future operating model, we also provide operational services that provide ongoing support for system management and maintenance in all hybrid cloud services.

We hope you can join us The future of digital work, expert series. You can register today – here is a link to the first session: Leverage innovation through collaboration in the digital workplace.

Learn more hybrid workplace and how HPE can help you deploy safe, secure, and seamless digital workplaces across all of your sites, facilities, campuses, home offices – and everywhere in between.

Explore desktop virtualization infrastructure HPE solutions to help you ensure business continuity and secure productivity in your hybrid workplace.

Peter Mansell
Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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