For Bot or not For Bot: Getting to know Willbot

The name Willbot is derived from the name William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright of all ages. While the transfer of artificial intelligence technology in literature is particularly striking, it also prompts us to consider the need to reconcile artificial intelligence and literature. Before researching the need to do so, it is important to know Willbot.

Willbot is basically a learning artificial intelligence that came long before Alexa in 2016. Willbot works like Alexa, Cleverbot and Evie. It is able to store a large number of databases and learns from its environment.


Deep dive into Willbot: goals and objectives

It is said that William Shakespeare will be resurrected 400 years later with Willbot. With regard to the progressive mindset that Shakespeare possesses, experts and critics argue that he planned such a future in his plays. Willbot was created to follow a progressive agenda, and it was created to follow millennial literature enthusiasts. Students can now interact directly with Willbot to complement their knowledge of Shakespeare.

Willbot’s ability extends beyond mere verbal interaction. The advanced artificial intelligence from which the bot is impregnated creates measured expressions that look as if it were talking about Shakespeare. Bot’s facial expressions and lip movements blend perfectly with browsers to produce accurate results.

Willbot is easily available on Android and iOS.

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