The Internet age is getting stronger every day. People usually stay connected to this network 24/7 either through a computer or a mobile phone. This is changing times, so companies must also do their best not to be left behind.

Many entrepreneurs have realized the great importance of this tool when marketing some type of product or service, especially given that physical or personal sales are becoming more and more anachronistic.

That’s why all owners of all kinds of facilities try create websites where they can offer their customers good deals and organize their entire inventory well. This ranges from designing a gym or gym websites to other types of portals.

Nowadays, with the increase in technology and mainly the internet, people are spending much more time at home and sitting without exercise. This is a great opportunity that gyms can take advantage of to offer their services. Ironically, the best way is to promote a website. After all, a personal trainer cannot be hired if they do not provide their services.

Gym or training center website must be properly designed to capture the public and thus benefit. Many of those responsible for designing these sites focus only on the most basic, but small details or even organizational details can make a huge difference, making a website a great place to get information from anywhere.

That’s why very few pages are able to stand out and show you these differences, we’ll show you what those little basics are when designing a gym or gym website.

High quality graphics and fresh content – shocking to watch

The difference between good design and excellent mainly in the quality of the images or audiovisual content it presents. Unlike text, images, and videos manage to grab the public’s attention with highly eye-catching ones, in fact, statistics show that website videos typically account for 82% of all traffic.

However, that’s not all, because one of the great details that can make a website stand out is the constant updating of information, which allows you to keep your site running smoothly and keeps people interested in always knowing something new.

However, when working with audiovisual content, always keep in mind that the weight and number of files can negatively affect your network download speed, which will reduce the points of your search engine optimization.

Course schedules and reservations – the best way to organize time

A basic part of designing a gym or gym website is scheduling exercise routines. The ability of each person to participate in the sessions needs to be considered, so dedicating the entire topic exclusively to this topic area can help the site gain popularity and make it more intuitive.

More traditional pages make schedules manually, but today there are many automatic options for this task that even notify customers of their reservations.

A successful schedule is a tool that benefits both the website owner and customers by reducing the headaches of finding schedules, member reminders, e.g.

Pricing – Financial ignorance is not an excuse

The gym has many types of workouts and services, all with different characteristics, leading to different costs. This is something that needs to be made very clear on the website and has an exclusive section on prices which can combine images and text. The intention is for customers to have a clear indication of how much it will cost to hire their services and what you offer them.

At the same time, the pricing department can sell a variety of products from major gym brands. From training equipment to healthy recipes, all the products you sell can go to a special section that acts as a virtual store.

Make sure your website is professional, informative and convenient – a professional nature is best practice

What is the best way to leave a good first impression on a person visiting your website? A harmonious and striking color combination, up-to-date informative articles and everything organized to create a professional space.

You need to have a website that reflects all the knowledge of the people who work there and demonstrates the high level of professionalism that is handled in the gym, always paying attention to the client and avoiding false information.

And speaking of things that keep users, there’s nothing more annoying than a bunch of pop-ups and advertising, so while it seems tempting to put many of these, you should avoid it at all costs.

Product marketing and more – always show all your products

A person who wants to start training at a training center must consider several aspects, including the environment and even the gym’s exercise equipment.

Therefore, one of the best tips when designing a gym or gym site is to consider the equipment available. In this way, the user knows what items he can work with, and thus acquire new customers if the gym has the equipment that this person wants to use.

In the same way, it can also be used to market these products if the customer does not want to appear at the venue.

All of these features need to be considered when designing a fitness or gym website, as they make a significant difference between the image that users and the gym provides them. Some websites have managed to follow these rules and have achieved very good results, of which we have:

F45 Training – A Picture of Creativity

This website was able to perfectly combine aspects such as text, images and very creative designs with which you can easily grab people’s attention. As soon as users come to the site, they are greeted with very clear and concise descriptive texts along with interesting icons, folding windows and other interactive elements.

Phive – The beauty of movement

Phive is the website that stands out the most from its website impressive colors or its very attractive aesthetics, but its type of transition and movement effects. Initially, you start with a well-defined image in full screen, but the further you go on the page, you’ll notice new and amazing things with unique effects.

Athlete – the perfect combination

From the same name, you can understand the purpose of this model: to talk about exercise passionately. Designed for WordPress gym wordpress theme can be customized with a large number of widgets and extensions. You can even create a blog for sports fans.

Soul Cycle

“Anyone can be a Rockstar, an Athlete, a Warrior” – at least that’s what they say on their website. Their riders come to them from all backgrounds, fitness and experience. SoulCycle is for everyone.

Orange theory of fitness

Orangetheory Fitness has a really fascinating science. You can check it out on their website if you are interested in what they do and not in the look of their website.

It all sounds really sci-fi and it can all be true because it seems they are emphasizing their products and not their website with a very old school feel.

SoHo Strength Lab

This website is pretty rough visual style, which shows the great robustness of this type of activity. On top of that, it has an amazing organization where it’s very easy to find everything you’re looking for.


Pure Barre is quite modern in terms of web aesthetics when compared to competing websites. Their brand is top notch, which shows really lovely but pretty simple fitness logo. The color scheme is crisp, and the website will quickly get you where you want it.

I like it and probably you like that they use real material about real people. The same goes for website images. Not soulless photos, but real photos of people.

Hot house yoga

Each specializes in different disciplines that can be identified as soon as you step into their portal.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of competition in the world of sports at the moment. Existing services allow anyone to publish a site, but differentiation requires a deeper understanding.

Customers adapt new trends and are increasingly aware of the content they consume. For this reason, you need to have a website that meets the requirements of the market, because it is the small details mentioned above that can greatly change the result in terms of traffic and popularity of the company.

Healthy competition needs to be considered and ultimately you need to know well how to approach the audience you want. No matter how much things change, these qualities must always be on the page for it to succeed.



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