As the COVID-19 pandemic has drifted into office migration and strengthened work from home and a decentralized workforce as common business structures, companies have had to look for ways to operate effectively in these new forms. Spurwing, an APIThe first-appointment scheduling business provides developers with tools to build scheduling integrations that promise to alleviate some of the pain points caused by telecommuting.

Building scheduling functions manually is a laborious endeavor that requires accounting for different hardware platforms, all possible time zones from which users can work, Incorporation multiple calendars and more. Spurwing’s API is designed to handle all the heavy lifting in creating these integrations and provide developers with a simple path to integrate scheduling into applications.

Spurwing has five years of experience building programming interfaces and claims to have provided timing for millions of appointments. The company offers a range of pricing options that start at $ 99 per month and grow primarily based on the number of sessions required per month. Customers using companies under the age of two can also apply for a reduced rate.

Helps developers keep going Chassis, the company offers a marketplace with several ready-made tools, widgets and ChatBot integrations. Interested developers can design demo.


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